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Shop at Ron's Supermarket!!!

LJ's hang out for Jrock WinMXers

Rons Supermarket!
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Welcome fellow people from WINMX! Have you ever popped into the j-rock, j-pop, ect room? If you haven't haha you suxx0r5!!!one!11

Rules go as follow!
  • Be as crazy as you want, I don't care.
  • Don't flame people, if you do that, you really suck man 8D. You'll be kicked and banned if you do so! :D
  • Respect teh mods, y0. Drain and Yomi are here to kick your ass if you don't respect them!... and also to be your friends >__>..;


  • code_pink_hide [Drain, Chatroom host :D]
  • nookicky [Yomi, LJ Community maker :D/Room host when Drain dies XD]
  • deg_chick [Teh Corin :D]

    (Oh yes, this place is moderated :B TO PREVENT LOSERS FROM POSTING BWAHAHAHAAAA)
  • drain, etc, j-pop, j-rock, we're god, winmx, yomi